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Selection of Luigi Magistrelli's Cd reviews

    From: "The Clarinet" (USA):"..Luigi Magistrelli' tone is sweet and mellow....the performances are full
of nuances he and his collegues of the Italian Classical Consort seem born to play this music.Delighful recording..."
(Conradin und Joseph Kreutzer Kammermusik)

      From: "British Music Society -News Letters:"Luigi Magistrelli’s spirited virtuosity, joy and humour make this movement sheer delight.....
Cheeky, sunny Italian clarinet and wind concertos, delightfully played with great brio and a keen sense of humour. A real tonic - guaranteed to make you smile.."
(Mercadante - Clarinet Concertos and Concertoni )

    From: "Gramophone:"Luigi Magistrell is a skilled artist, with the fingers and the enthusiasm for Weber. Skilful and assured perfomances.
(Weber clarinet chamber music)

    From: "Musica:"good disc..... excellent soloist and good orchestra .......
four star review
(Mercadante clarinet Concertos and Concertoni)  

    From "American Record Guide"(April 2003): "a spectacular Duo for two clarinets played to the hilt by Luigi and Laura Magistrelli and the Six Waltzes for wind sextet and bass. All of this is given in splendid sound (and executed with flair and pizzazz)"
(Kreutzer  Chamber music CD Bayer Records)   

    From "Musica", Five stars review (February 2004): "Precious recording……..pleasure listening to it…..K. Leister  is “The Clarinet”
We must praise Luigi Magistrelli and Laura Magistrelli ,always clean and impeccable in their performances"
(Cd Camerata  with K. Leister Mozart Clarinet Chamber music)

     From: "I Fiati" (Italy):"The performances of the soloists are of highest level with dazzling virtuoso parts.We must praise Luigi Magistrelli
for his rendition of the B flat Concerto,to be considered a real historical event.....perfect balance in the phrasing.."
(Mercadante Concertos and Concertoni "Clarinet Classics")

    From: "The Record Geijutsu Disc Review" (Japanese Magazine):"....wonderful Ensemble.....very interesting Cd
marvellous basset horn duo (Luigi and Laura Magistrelli)"
(Cd "Camerata" with K. Leister Mozart Clarinet Chamber music)  

    From: "The Clarinet" (June 2004):" This Cd is unique.....the blend ,balance and intonation between the two instrument (cl. and basset horn) is stunning.Playing is impeccably clean and beautifully expressive. The Magistrellis (basset horn duos) together provide an excellent sound on the basset horns and keep interest well throughout."
(Cd "Camerata" with K. Leister Mozart Clarinet Chamber music)

    From: "I Fiati" (June 2004):"two very beautiful period transcriptions.....excellent  performer"
(Bayer Records -Mozart and Brahms  Klarinettenquintette in Bearbeitungen)

    From: "I Fiati":"......we find in this Cd the "great" Karl Leister with a group of very good performers, headed by Luigi Magistrelli. Very alluring CD"
(Cd "Camerata" with K. Leister Mozart Clarinet Chamber music)

    From  "Globes newspaper" ( Israel): "to those who really love clarinet:
The playing is beautiful ....... The final product is very likable........ "
(Cd Leonarda -Two clarinets and piano)  

     From: "I Fiati":"...Magistrelli let us hear on this beautiful Cd some fine Weber clarinet works.."
(CD Bayer Records-Weber Clarinet Chamber music

       From: "I Fiati":".....sparkling performances , clear and vital phrasing.
Magistrelli is a fine performer and a clarinet archeologist who found interesting unknown
clarinet works which deserve consideration....."
(Cd Bayer Records-Hoffmeister Clarinet Sonatas)   

    From: "De Klarinet" :"....the playing in this Cd has a great musical expression and a refined taste,
which you may expect from two masters like Leister and Magistrelli-This Cd is absolutely
a must for Mozart aficionados!"
(Mozart Clarinet Chamber music - Camerata Cd)

    From: "Fanfare Sept -Oct 2004" :" Superbly played and well recorded…..nice, warm, and woody tone,
not to mention exceptional digital dexterity; excellent pianist whose interpretative skills and sense of musical equality with a soloist are first-rate."
(Hoffmeister Sonatas)

    From: "The Clarinet”- Dec. 2005" :" Magistrelli achives a cheerful ease in his performance,
with sparkles with cunning and humor…. Magistrelli showcases fine control and subtle control and subtle shades of color……..
energy and virtuosity of Magistrelli’s playing. Magistrelli  and Bracco is particulary notable for
the duo’s unified and technically assured performances."
(Hoffmeister Sonatas)

      From: "American CD Guide": " Composers of the Cd proved flamboyantly likeble Music is simply entertaining. "
(2  clarinets and piano)

    From: "Musica (Italy) February 2007  **** (four stars)": …….impeccable ensemble playing.
Evenness of sound of the three players,with so many shades . Lirical intensity,purity of sound and elegant phrasing .
(Mozart Opera Arrangements - Camerata Cd )

    From: "The Clarinet” (USA) :" Mr Magistrelli 's basset horn playing is sensitive and technically impressive.
This is a wonderfully conceived and played recording.Kudos to Luigi Magistrelli who has a good ear when picking recording venues.We all perhaps have
something to learn from this clarinetist/recording engineer."
(Mozart Opera Arrangements with Karl Leister)

    From: "Web Music International”: "The playing on this disc is exceptional throughout, captured with clarity and body. The gifted Magistrelli, who appears on all seven works, is quite outstanding. It is to his credit that with all three types of clarinet employed he obtains a consistently lovely golden tone with especially impressive breath control.
Remarkable is the virtuosity of the playing from exceptionally talented clarinettist Luigi Magistrelli and flautist Elena Cecconi.
(Bottesini Clarinet Chamber music)

       From: "KLASSIK heute: "Sensitive playing  , good technique and  interpretation masterfully conceived. That succeeds to the two interpreters exceptionally well"
(Bochsa Cd)

            From: "FonoForum: "The interpretation reached high levels.Beautiful sounds and virtuoso playing of all players who show enthusiasm and                 joy"(Cd Archduke Rudolph)       

    From: "Ensemble” (Germany): "... Luigi Magistrelli, well known to be an excellent clarinetist , performs the Sonatas on many different instruments in a brilliant way,changing many colors,and the pianist accompains with a very sensitive temperament..."
(Hoffmeister Sonatas)

    From: "Das Rohrblatt” (Germany):  ".....here Luigi Magistrelli has been able to go very deeply......for an hour of exceptional entertainment,putting together a beautiful program, very enjoyable to the earing! "
(Ein Italienischer Opernabend)

    From: "Das Rohrblatt” (Germany):  "....Luigi Magistrelli, as usually , plays with great virtuosity and sensitivity"
(Beethoven Clarinet chamber music)

    From: "(The Clarinet - Tokyo-Japan):  "....Luigi Magistrelli, professor of the Milan Conservatory, performs the Beethoven pieces with a noble sound. The Basset Horn Sonata is played with the lightness of a perfume"
(Beethoven Clarinet chamber music)

        From: "Musica (Italy):  "...Luigi Magistrelli, plays with  sensitivity and good sense of phrasing!"
(Schumann Clarinet chamber music)

    From: "Rohrblatt (Germany):  "Luigi Magistrelli  plays with much verve , brilliancy and virtuosity the Reissiger repertoire, and also taking care about all  the nice melodical lines in a very satisfactory way"
(Reissiger  clariner works - Cd Talent)

    From: "The Clarinet:  "Magistrelli is a master of his instrument (Basset Horn) and one wishes for  more recordings playing this instrument. On the clarinet Magistrelli gives a smashing rendition of Henry’s Serenade....The two musicians play with matched tone and wonderful intonation.."
(Cd LeonardaUnforgettable Hueswith Eva Wassermann)

    From: "Das Rohrblatt” (Germany):  "The five players are very well involved in the music  and express full enjoyment performing these little Partitas of Knezek"
(Cd Bayer records “Knezek Partitas")

    From: "Das Rohrblatt” (Germany):  "Luigi Magistrelli is one of the most active recording artists in EUROPE, he and his partners are performing with warm feelings and inner fire"
(Cd Bayer records “Classical Rarities")

    From: "Klassik Heute” (Germany):  "Klocker and Magistrelli convince with an intense expression ,and demonstrate  a high degree of fusion of the clarinet and basset horn. Absolutely precise playing  with a crisp articulation and an exquisite sense of legato . They overpass easily the difficult technical demands of both  works. In the Andante of the charming concert piece op 113 they create a situation just like  a tasty dessert on the tongue!"
(Cd Orfeo Mendelssohn and Baermann)

         From: "Das Rohrblatt” (Germany):  "Luigi Magistrelli plays with enthusiasm, virtuosity and sensitivity "
(Cd Orfeo with Dieter Kloecker-Mendelssohn Concert Pieces)

      From: "Fanfare" (USA):  "Luigi Magistrelli has taken a page from the book of German clarinetist Dieter Klöcker, filling further gaps in the clarinet repertoire with performances that are both sound and musical. Magistrelli’s tone is brighter and also sweeter than that of Klöcker, but their training is obviously different as well. Phrasing, dynamics, and control are all first-rate and Claudia Bracco’s support is rock-solid as well."
(Cd Talent Records "Reissiger Chamber music for clarinet")    

    From: "Amadeus": " Well conceived recording, very good interpretation of the Italian-Bohemian Classical Consort."
(Cd Bayer records “Knezek Partitas for 2 cls, 2 violas and double bass Italian - Bohemian Classical Consort”)

         From: "The Clarinet": "The distinguished Italian clarinetist Luigi Magistrelli has spent much time uncovering, performing, and recording works from the 18th and 19th centuries that have been undeservedly neglected, and this is another example of his efforts to rescue works which were once popular and should be played again based on their musical and technical worth. To my mind Magistrelli is an ideal interpreter of such repertory, not only because of his excellence as a player, but also because he combines his Italian flair for the dramatic, vocally based style with his long standing interest in German music and indeed German instruments. He makes the technical bravura sections sound effortless, and at various points utilizes a good deal of the rhythmic freedom and rubato without which this type of music would sound deadly and boring. All in all, it is a very engaging and convincing disc, with several works that have not been recorded before, and hopefully it will encourage other clarinetists to explore 19 century repertory beyond the familiar."
(CD Talent Records C. Reissiger ,Works for clarinet and piano)

From :      

       Review of Julio Salvador: "This disk is a true musical wonder. The works recorded here are simply beautiful and delicious in the hearing. Beautiful music, delicious, sweet, rhythmic, lively, silky, colorful, melodic, soft velvety timbre by the wonderful clarinet (fantastic in all its operations) and remarkably rich in the  guitar sound. Magistrelli Luigi's clarinet is lovely, heady, dreamy and Massimo Laura guitar has a wonderful sound with his wonderful and delicate hands."
(F. Rebay -Works for clarinet and guitar - Brilliant Classic)

         From: "Musica": "Sensitive interpretation, elegant articulations  and richness of timbrical shades."
(CD Gallo, Women Composers for clarinet)

         From: "De Klarinet" (Denmark)  "…The intepretation of this Cd has  big expressive and musical  peculiarties with a  refine taste, something we can expect from two Maestri like Leister and  Magistrelli.This Cd is an absolute must for all the Mozart lovers!"
(Cd Camerata - Mozart Opera Arrangiaments)

         From: "L'Education Musicale":  "The Mozartian touch emerges from the very first bars of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto K 622 ,good sustained by an exccellent character in the tempo by the soloist Luigi Magistrelli and the Italian Classical Consort."
(Cd Gallo -Mozart/Suessmayr  Italian Classical Consort)

         From: "Musica  - Five stars  ***** ":  "The interptetation is refined , brilliant and rich of shades"
(Cd Gallo - Mozart/Suessmayr Luigi Magistrelli  Italian Classical Consort)

         From: "Das Rohrblatt ":  "As any clarinet player who wants to play in the premier league, also Luigi Magistrelli shows us his interpretation,but he makes something special ! This interpretation is highly recommended! "
(Cd Gallo - Mozart/Suessmayr)

         From: "Das Rohrblatt ":  "Luigi plays on this CD with deep feelings as a truly master,with his clarinets  he is creating different timbrical  situations."
(Cd Gallo - Women Composers)

         From: "Ducale Music site ":  "In this Cd the Ensemble, conducted by the virtuoso Luigi Magistrelli,  is approaching the brilliancy of the music together with a peaceful cantability of  wonderful beauty. Very pleasant Cd."
(Cd Kummer clarinet Chamber music - Brilliant Classics)

        From: "Cd Hotlist":  "Their playing is light and graceful and the pieces themselves are a delight and something of a revelation. Here’s hoping for more to come to light from this unjustly neglected composer."
(Caspar Kummer - Chamber Music for Winds Italian Classical Consort / Luigi Magistrelli - Brilliant Classics)

        From: "Cd Classico - Five star Review" :  "The performers of this Cd are really good ! The sound is always so clear and neat with so much precision and good tension in their rendition. Kudos to them !".
(Caspar Kummer - Chamber Music for Winds Italian Classical Consort / Luigi Magistrelli - Brilliant Classics)

        From: "Musica - Five star Review" :  "Luigi Magistrelli gives us in these Cds  a great proof of artistic and musical  maturity in  the colors, articulations and phraising". (Brahms Clarinet Chamber Music - Leonardo label)      

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":  "Magistrelli is playing here with his Warschewski clarinets , with their wonderful warm tone". (Clarinet Chamber music - Arch.Duke Rudolph - Brilliant Classics)  

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":  "Magistrelli is giving a very brilliant interpretation to these pieces of Bottesini". (Clarinet Chamber music - Bottesini Pietro and Giovanni - Talent Records)  

      From: "Das Rohrblatt":  "Luigi Magistrelli and Claudia Bracco could express all the deepest feelings in the Brahms Sonatas in an astonishing way". (Urania Leonardo - Brahms Clarinet Chamber music)  

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":  "Expessive and virtuoso playing". (Kummer Clarinet Chamber music - Brilliant Records)

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":  "The ensemble is producing a good outcome from all the difficulties of these works". (Rare Italian Clarinet Chamber Musci from 19th century - Centaur Records)

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":  "Luigi Magistrelli and his partners are enjoying themself performing well all the pieces of this Cd". (Arias with obligato clarinet and solo cl. pieces - Gallo)

       From: "Musica magazine":  "Light and elegant vocal  phrasing". (Schubert  Die Zauberharfe - Songs with Soprano Arpeggione Sonatina - Cd Leonardo  2014) 

       From: "Musica magazine":  "Lyrical, round tone, clear intepretation". (Verdiana Fantasies on Verdi's Operas - Cd Leonardo 2015)

       From: "Cd Classico":  "Four **** Remarkable performances, with verve and musical ideas". (Classical Gems Italian Classical Consrt  - Urania Leonardo)

       From: "THE CLARINET" magazine:  "His collaborations with Claudia Bracco, Margherita Tomasi and Elena Gorna are exquisite, displaying impeccable musical interplay and sensitivity. Each musician leads equally as a soloist and in a supporting role, infusing exceptional musicianship as individual sensitivities blend poignantly to form a unified presentation. Luigi Magistrelli’s ability to sing through the clarinet and collaborate with outstanding musicians has produced a disc of rarely heard, yet delightful music, suitable for inclusion on recitals or less formal venues .Exceptional musicianship , CD worthy of inclusion in any clarinet aficionados.". (Schubert: Die Zauberharfe - Magistrelli,Bracco, Tomasi, Gorna - Urania Leonardo)

       From: "Cd Hot list  (internet site)" "The music is heartbreakingly gorgeous and is played with limpid grace, on modern instruments, by two brilliant musicians". (Cd Archduke Rudolph Clarinet Chamber music)

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":   "Bold, energetic  and immaginative interpretation, full of inspiration". (Pot Pourri Clarinet Recital - GALLO Cd)

       From: "Das Rohrblatt":   "High virtuoso interpretation!" . (Verdiana Cd, Fantasies on Opera of Verdi  - Urania Leonardo Cd)

       From: "Musica magazine":   "Luigi Magistrelli ,very experienced player for the classical repertoire, beautiful Cd to listen with pleasure."  (Unknown Classical Sonatas (Lefevre,Heine,Baissiere,Struck,Arnold - Cd Gallo Recorded in 2015)